Iron On Patches: Creating New Look To Your Clothing

There are many of kinds of patches that you can choose from. The patches we offer come in different styles and designs. We give you anything that would suit your needs. Patches are used to decorate your clothes and other garments. They create a look and a personal touch to your clothes. Patches are helpful in covering damages like stains or holes on your clothing. But more than that, use it to show your individual style. You can customize and design your own patches, and we can certainly help you with that.

Embroidered patches and Iron on patches are the two common type of patches. Usually, embroidered patches are good for uniforms, jackets, or fabrics made of thicker materials.We use this kind of patches when we need the design or the logo on our clothing to stick permanently. Embroidered custom patches are what we use for designing logos on uniforms, company t-shirts, or for an organization’s clothing. It also gives a good embossed effect on the clothing.
On the other hand, you need an iron on patches if you want a fast and easy attachment to your clothing.

Iron on Patches are Easy to Use

Patch All you need when using this kind of patches is an iron. You would simply put the patch on the cloth, fabric or garment you want to design. Then, place a thin, damp towel or cloth, before you iron on the patch into the fabric. This will prevent the material from burning. Run the iron above the patch. Hold it for 20-30 seconds until the patch fully attached itself onto the fabric. Make sure that the patch is fully secured on the fabric.

The Best Thing about Iron on Patches

These patches free you from all the work like sewing the patterns into your garments. It saves you a lot of time and effort. It also brings the same good design and quality that comes with embroidered patches and any other type of patches. It is your choice that matters.

Unlike embroidered patches, which usually appears thick, these patches are like stickers that sticks on your fabric. With embroidered patches, the design looks stiff and traditional. While with the iron on, it gives your clothing a more modern and trendy style.

You can use these patches to give your outfits a personality. In some way, it gives you a sense of individuality and style. Usually, they are great to be used on bags, backpacks, jackets or clothes with sleeves. It gives some of your most used stuff a new look and make it look cool.


Each different kind of patches has different purposes or uses. These kinds of patches are best for covering damages or torn spots on your clothing, bags, or other garments. It gives them an easy and quick fix to your clothing and other materials. It avoids the appearance of patches being sewed into the damaged spot on your fabrics, like what embroidered patches do.

The patches look like it belongs to the design of the cloth or any fabric when it is ironed on. With embroidered patches, they are usually good for decorative purposes to your garments. Some patches like Velcro backing patches are removable. While iron on has a more permanent purpose.

Iron On and Other Types of Patches

We also make great offers with these kinds of patches. Customized designs for iron patches are also possible. Like what we do with embroidered patches. You can also submit your desired design to us as well as the shape, color and sizes.

Aside from iron on patches, we also create other kinds of patches. We offer traditional sew-on backing patches, tape backing, Velcro backing and button loops. Order from us among the variety of designs we have created. Or, you can also send us your desired design, including all the other information about the patch you want and we will make and deliver it to you. is your no-hassle, one-stop resource for the best in Iron on patches of all kinds. We can handle all your patch needs.

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