Maximizing the Message of a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers are not inexpensive. Often the bulk of the budget of a corporate event is allocated to cover the fee of the motivational speaker. This is not unusual since most of them have a semi-celebrity status, which justifies the expensive ask for their one hour long presentation.

This is the reason why at, we make sure that we tailor fit the motivational speaker to the needs of the client and the expectation of the corporate event they will be speaking in. This is the only way to ensure that the client can maximize the message and the talent of the speaker they hire so that they make the most impact during the event and contribute to its success.

motivational speaker

We do this by asking client these questions:

  • What is the event? A sales conference, a management conference, a human resource seminar, a corporate Christmas party. All of these events are different and will require a different kind of motivational speaker to motivate the crowd.
  • Why do they want a motivational speaker? Once the type of event is determined, the client needs to provide the reason and purpose for a motivational speaker, so he can narrow down his choices and pick the right one. Some events will require a speaker who can talk in detail about data and numbers and energize the crowd into action. Other speakers are good at telling stories and speaking to the heart of the audience and inspire a sense of team spirit.Other speakers are well known for their ability to teach and impart knowledge to a crowd of experts. When a client knows what he wants or expects from the motivational speaker it is much easier to pick the right one for the job.
  • Who is the audience? Speaking to hundreds of people in an auditorium who are part of the company workforce will be different to speaking to a group of management heavy weights. We at understand that the topic, audience, and speaker have to be matched perfectly together so that client can maximize the talent of the speaker and get the best result for the company. He should be able to gain lots of benefits from the hour long presentation.

Once these three questions have been provided by client, the unique character of the event surfaces and we at can finally give client a short list of two or three possible speakers they can hire. Included in the short list will be their portfolio where client can read, listen and watch the speakers at work.

The portfolio can include sample books, articles, and videos of speaking engagements, even previous client feedback and review. We give client several days to go through the short listed motivational speakers portfolio so that they can make an informed choice based on their requirements and preferences. Once they have made their choice, we can then schedule introductions.

The time client and speaker meet is important. It gives them an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss details of the event further. This is important for the motivational speaker since from the meetings, he or she can determine the exact content of the presentation as well as the tone of the delivery. He will also get an idea about the specific results that the client wants to achieve or get from the audience. These initial brainstorm meetings between client and motivational speaker is crucial in ensuring that he maximizes the time and resources he is investing with the speaker.

Motivational Speakers

Based on our experience at, the most frequently requested result client asks from all motivational speakers are:

  1. The presentation should be able to increase peak performance within the organization.
  2. The speaker through his or her presentation should inspire the audience, staff, and management to do better work.
  3. The presentation should be entertaining enough to make sure the audience attention is fixed on the speaker and his message.
  4. The presentation should be data specific enough, so it can provide core insight into the goals, no matter how outrageous, of the company.
  5. The presentation and the speaker should provide proven techniques for keeping the team and individual team members motivated and equipped with valuable knowledge to overcome adversity.
  6. The presentation should motivate the staff and management of the company to build teams that are high performing, results driven and goal oriented.
  7. The speaker should be both convincing and inspiring to the audience. He should have an authenticity that is able to speak to the core of individual members of the audience and build in them a positive sense of tam spirit.

We at understand all of these expectations of client, so we make it a point to deliver what we promise through our professional roster of successful motivational speakers.

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